When an employee will no longer be working at your clinic and you want to remove their access to Oscar, you can take the following steps to inactivate their account.

1. From the appointment screen click on 'Admin'.

2. In the new window click on 'Search/Edit/Delete Provider Records'.

3. Search for the employee using their last name, or just click 'Search' and look through the list until you find them.

4. To edit their provider record click on the blue number ID link.

5. Set them inactive by changing their status to '0'.

You can also remove their login record as an extra security measure, but this is not a necessary step to make Oscar inaccessible. If you wish to also remove the login record, you can do so by:

1. Opening the 'Admin' page.

2. Click the 'Search/Edit/Delete Security Records' link under the Security section.

3. Search using their username or provider number and click on their username in order to edit the record.

4. Click the 'Delete Record' button to remove the login from the Instance.