How can I run a Disease Registry Report for a specific code and a specific provider?


Running a Disease Registry Report can be done by following these steps:

1. Open the Admin page in Oscar and scroll down to oscarReport. The Disease Registry Report is the last link in this section.

2.* Once you've opened the link, you will be able to search for codes by using the appropriate dropdown menus to identify the coding system. You then can type the code you're looking for into the search field. A little dropdown should pop up with the code you are searching for. Once you've selected the code, click the "Add" button. This will add the code to the section below.

3.* Select which providers you want to search using the dropdown list and click the "Search Patients" button. The results will display below.

*Please note that certain content on this page may be blocked by your browser. If you see a small shield next to the address bar in the top left corner of your screen, please click on the shield and select "Disable Protection on This Page" from the dropdown menu that says "Keep Blocking" by default. If you try to run the report before doing this, you will not be able to narrow down the search to specific codes. Instead, you will view all results available.