We have a provider that has moved to a new practice and we are in the process of extracting her client's charts in OSCAR (potentially 400 - 600). As they do not have EMR at her new office, we are creating pdf's to send to her to print out.


There is a bit of a guide here: http://oscarmanual.org/oscar_emr_12/General%20Operation/transferring-patient-records?searchterm=print+chart

Unfortunately at this time to get a .pdf it has to be done chart by chart for each chart item.

You can export patient demographics easily for all patients of a particular providers in Reports-->Demographic Report Tool: http://oscarmanual.org/oscar-emr_10/manual9.12/oscar-caisi-documentation/oscar-caisi-user-manual/oscar-caisi-user-manual/reports/report-tab/demographic-report-tool