I have the necessary components for adding an eForm to my Oscar instance (image files and html/javascript code). How do I go about adding these files to my account?


There are two ways to add an eForm to your account, depending on the files you have.

Zip folder with necessary components

If you have a zip folder with the image(s) and code required, you can simply import the folder by following these 3 steps:

1. Open the Admin page

2. Click on the Upload eForm link in the eForms section

3. Using the Import eForm tab on this page (second tab from the left), browse to select the zip folder from where it's saved on the computer and click the Import button

Once the zip folder is imported, the eForm should appear in your account.

Separate HTML file and image files

If you have separate HTML and image files, you'll need to add each to the account in order for the eForm to load both components properly. You can do so by following these steps:

Uploading image files

1. Open the Admin page

2. Click on the Upload an Image link in the eForms section

3. Browse your computer to select the image file and click the Upload button once you've found it

For eForms with multiple pages, you'll need to do this for each file that represents a separate page.

Uploading the HTML/code files

1. Open the Admin page

2. Click on the Upload eForm link in the eForms section

3. Using the Upload New eForm tab (first from the left which should already be selected), browse your computer to select the HTML file

4. Give the eForm a name using the field provided and add any additional information you require. If no name is given, you will receive an error.

5. Click the Upload button. You should see the eForm appear in your list.

When you click on the eForm name, it should open up and the image files that you uploaded should get pulled directly into the eForm. If you see a broken image icon, it means that either the image file doesn't exist in your account yet, or that the image file name in the HTML does not match the image file name of the image itself. You can confirm this by clicking the Edit link and searching for the image name in the HTML file to make sure it's correct.

You can also create a zip folder with all the files needed by clicking on the Export link. You can then send this zip folder to other colleagues or upload it onto the OscarCanada site for others to make use of.