Follow these steps to update a billing form in OSCAR. Billing forms allow you to customize your billing screen with the most commonly used service codes in your clinic.

1. From the appointment page, click on Admin to open the Admin Page.
2. In the billing section, find and click on the Manage Billing Form link.
3. Select the Billing Form you want to update from the drop down list.
4. Click the radio button for "service code", then click "Manage".
5. Enter the service codes most commonly used in your clinic in the left column field of each group. The right column is used to determine the order in which the codes will be displayed on the billing screen.
6. When you are done entering the codes you want to display on the Form, simply click "Update" at the bottom left.


 Any age specific fee codes will only display on the billing page when they are relevant to the age of the patient for whom the claim is being created.