37 - Business Arrangement:

(a) invalid or blank or (b) restricted to performing specific services or (c) restricted to performing services at a specific facility or (d) not registered with the submitter of the transaction or (e) restricted to patients from a specific area or (f) does not have a relationship with the practitioner identifier submitted.


  • We typically see this if your BA is not connected to our submitter prefix (CPI). This lets Alberta Health know that we have your permission to be sending your invoices in. If you hold an existing BA with another submitter, that is not an issue, you are able to hold as many BA numbers as needed. 
  • Also, the BA effective date may need to be back dated to cover all service dates submitted.
  • Other issues are of course the BA wasn’t included on the invoice, or the service code you’re submitting doesn’t match what was registered on your BA. (i.e. surgical codes for a psych skill).


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