I'm getting lab results back with a lot of data, but some of it is not appearing directly in the Diabetes, Hypertension, or other flowsheets for the patient. How can I see which measurements are coming in and how can I add the ones that aren't?


Measurements can be set up to be mapped directly into things like flowsheets. Most measurements won't be set up by default in your Oscar instance so you will probably have to check and add any mappings that are missing. In order to do this, follow these steps:

1. Open the Admin page.

2. Scroll down to "oscarEncounter" and click the "Customize oscarMeasurements" link.

3. Under "Mappings", click "View Mapping". This link will open up a new window which will show you all of the available measurements that can be mapped, are mapped already, or are unmapped (list at the bottom of the window).

4. Search for the measurement in question. If it is already mapped, you will see the measurement name under the MEAS column. If it is not yet mapped, you will see a "map" link.

Mapping measurements

1. Click the "map" link.

2. Select the measurement you wish to map from the dropdown. Unfortunately, there is no way to search through this dropdown so it will mean scrolling and picking out the correct measurement.

3. Once selected, click on the "Update Measurement Mapping" button to map the measurement to the Loinc code displayed. You can verify that the Loinc code is the correct one by looking at the lab result of the patient and hovering over the name of the result (i.e. for LDL cholesterol, hover over the LDL Cholesterol name.) At the bottom left of your window, you should see a string of characters ending in HL7&identifier=####-#. The number displayed after the = sign will be the identifier of the Loinc code. If these match, you are mapping the measurement to the correct code.

Adding new unmapped measurements or Loinc codes to map to

Some measurements will not be on your mapping list and so you will have to add them in order to be able to map them.

1. Open up the "Customize oscarMeasurements" window again.

2. Click on the "Add Measurement Mapping" link.

3. You can select an unmapped code and code to map to if the Loinc code already exists.

If the Loinc code is not in the list, you may have to create a new one by clicking on the "Add New Loinc Code" button, completing the Loinc code and name, and then adding it to the list. You should then be able to select the unmapped code to map to the new Loinc code you just created.

For additional help, please visit section C of the Customize Oscar Measurements page of the Oscar Manual and see additional information about flowsheets as well.

Please note that these changes will only affect Oscar using lab results that you receive after you've made the changes. Any flowsheets with data missing from lab results that you received previous to the changes will remain incomplete.