This guide is for Juno customer who are currently using the OSCAR Billing module. It will give you the tools you need to manage your Teleplan connection, update billing codes and download your remittance report in OSCAR.

The Manage Teleplan page

To access your Manage Teleplan page, click on the "Administration" link at the top of the schedule page. Once the admin panel opens, click on the "Billing" tab on the left to expand the billing part of the menu, then click on the "Manage Teleplan" link. The Manage Teleplan page looks like this:

guide to the manage teleplan page in oscar billing

We will go through each section of this page below.

Update Billing Codes

We recommend you use this button at least once a month, whenever you update your Teleplan password. Clicking on the "update" button will ask your OSCAR to communicate with Teleplan and get the latest list of billing codes (service codes), and will add, remove and update codes as required.

Once you click on the update button, the list of codes needing to be updated will appear on the screen. Wait until the page has finished loading entirely. To see if it finishes loading, you can scroll down. Once no more items appear on the list and the "Enable Print" button is displayed at the bottom left, you are good to go. Scroll back to the top of the page then click the "Update Codes" button.

Update Explanatory Codes

We recommend you use this button at least once a month, whenever you update your Teleplan password. Explanatory codes are the error messages you will receive back from Teleplan when your claims are rejected. To update them, click the "update" button. The list of codes will show up on the screen once the task is completed. The Manage Teleplan options will be listed under the full list, so just scroll down if you still have more work to do on this page.

Update MSP ICD9 Codes

We recommend you use this button at least once a month, whenever you update your Teleplan password. The ICD9 codes are the diagnostic codes you use for billing. To update them, click on the "Update" button. The page will simply reload. You will not get a message to confirm that it has been done, however if you first update the Explanatory Codes, then the MSP ICD9 codes, you will notice that the Explanatory Codes disappear when the page reloads.

Change Teleplan Password VS Set Teleplan Password

Despite having similar names, those two sections have very different uses. Please read the section below to know which one to use based on what you are trying to accomplish.

I have never entered my Teleplan password in OSCAR, or this is a new billing setup

Contact our support team either by email at or by phone at 1-888-686-8560 ext. 1 for instructions on how to initially set your OSCAR up for billing.

I want to update my Teleplan password in OSCAR

Your Teleplan password expires every 42 days. It is your responsibility to change the password. There are various way to do it, but the simplest it to do it straight into the EMR. In this case, you would use the Change Teleplan Password section. Enter your current password in the "Current Password" field, then your new password in the "New Password and "Confirm Password" fields. Click on the "save" button when it's completed.

OSCAR will then communicate with Teleplan, update your Teleplan password and set the password in OSCAR for future use.

I updated my password on the Teleplan's website and now need to enter it in OSCAR

Your password is already updated, great. All you need to do now is tell OSCAR what the password is. Use the Set Teleplan Password section to do that. Enter your newly set password in the "New Password" field, then click the "save" button.

My Teleplan has been locked out. What do I do?

First thing first. If your Teleplan is locked - it will locked after 3 failed connection attempt - contact Teleplan at 1-866-456-6950. They will be able to unlock your account and will give you a temporary password to connect with.

Once you have a temporary password, go back to the Manage Teleplan page and enter your temporary password in the Set Teleplan Password section, then click on the "save" button. This will tell OSCAR it needs to use the temporary password when connecting to Teleplan next.

Temporary passwords are only designed to allow you to connect to reset your password. You will not be able to submit claims or check eligibility using a temporary password, so you will need to update it right away. Go to the Change Teleplan Password section, and enter the temporary password in the "Current Password" field. Enter your new password in the "New Password" field, then confirm it in the "Confirm Password" before clicking on the "save" button.

Get Remittance

Remittances are posted twice a month in BC, and need to be manually downloaded on or after remittance day. To download your remittance, go to the Manage Teleplan page and click on the "Get Remittance" button. The remittance will be downloaded and appear in the MSP Reconcilliation Reports section of the billing administration.