The specialists section in Juno EMR is a little bit of a multi-tasking section. This is where, of course, you will be able to enter specialists that you will then be able to refer patients to using the Consultation tool. The specialist section is also where clients using the outbound faxing integration will be able to store fax numbers they want to easily have access to in their faxing drop down menu on eForms, document faxing, etc. Finally, for clinics outside of BC, this is where you will be able to enter referring physicians as well as your patients family doctors.

Getting to the Edit Specialist section

The edit specialist section can be accessed two ways in Juno EMR. The first one is by clicking on the "Consultations" link at the top of the schedule page, then click on the "Edit Specialists Listing" link located at the top right of the Consultation window.

The second is to go through the admin panel. Click on the Administration link at the top of the schedule page to open the admin panel. Click on "System Management" to expand that part of the menu, then on the "Consultation Settings" link.

Adding a entry in the specialist section

To create a new entry in the section, simply click on the "Add Specialist" link located towards the top left of the page. The following fields are required when creating a specialist:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Address

We also recommend including the following:

  • Fax number (especially if you are using the outbound fax integration)
  • Their OHIP number, MSP number or Prac Id in the "Referral No." field to allow proper matching with billing and eForm functionalities

Once you are done filling in the form, click the "Add Specialist" button.

If your goal was to add a fax number or a referring/family physician that will become select-able in the demographic file, than your task is complete. If you are working on adding specialist to your consultation tool lists though, move on to the next section.

Note: You can always go back to add information to these entries at a later time. To do so, click on the the "Edit Specialists" link on the left, find the entry you wish to edit and click on the doctor's name. Update the information, then click on the "Update Specialist" button at the bottom of the page.

Adding a specialist to a service

Services in Juno EMR are the equivalent of specialties. When you create a Consultation request in the consultation tool, you first select the service (specialty), then the specialist.  This step will allow you to customize who is showing up the list for each service.

1. In the Edit Specialist section, click on the "Show All Services" link located in the bar on the left.

2. Select the service you want to add doctors to.

3. Select the name of all doctors who need to be included in the service.

4. Click on the "Update these Services Specialists" button located at the top of the page.

Adding a service

If the service you are looking for doesn't exist, you can easily create it by clicking on the "Add Service" link on the left. Simply type in the name of the service, then click the "Add Service" button.