OSCAR has a pre-built report that will allow you to generate lists of patients with specific chronic conditions. The report runs based on the information entered in the disease registry section of the encounter chart. This means that you will need to ensure your patients' chronic conditions are properly entered in that section in order to get full use out of this report.

1. From the schedule page, click on Administration to open the admin pannel.

2. On the left side, click on "Reports" to expand the report menu. Click on the "Disease Registry" link.

3. In the text field on the right, enter the icd9 code of the condition you want to search for. Once a code is typed, OSCAR will display matching option under the text field. Just select the right one. The details will be added to the text field. Click on "Add". Repeat if you wish to search for more than one condition at a time.



4. Once you have selected your codes, move on to the next section. Select the filter you want to use.

  • ALL(distincted) will allow you to get a list of all patients for whom this condition has been entered.. You will get one line per condition, so if you are looking for both diabetes and heart failure and a patient has both, you will get two different entry for this patient in the report results.
  • ALL will list all patients for whom this condition has been entered.
  • Active will list patients who currently suffer from this condition according to their Disease Registry entry.
  • Deleted will show you a list of patients for whom the condition has been marked at deleted.
  • Resolved will show you a list of patients for whom the condition has been marked as resolved.

5. The name drop down menu allows you to run this report on the practice of specific providers, as long as they have been identified as the MRP (most responsible physician / doctor) in their demographic file. Select your own name if you wish to run this for your patients.

6. Click the "Search Patients" button once you're done selecting everything.