The Preferences tab of OSCAR is where you can set user specific preferences. There are a few billing preferences that can be set in this section. We'll go through each one below.

Default Billing Form

Did you create your own billing form? Would you like to use a billing form that is not de form designed around GP care? Changing the default form that shows up is actually quite easy !

1. From the schedule page, click on "Preferences" to open the preferences menu.

2. Scroll down a little bit to the last drop down menu right above the "Update" button.

3. Select the form you would like to use as your default form.

4. Click the "Update" button.

Note: When billing from an appointment, the appointment's provider billing form will be selected automatically. If that provider did not set a default billing form, OSCAR will look at the MRP's preferences. If there are no preferences set for the MRP, the current user (biller)'s preferences will be used when selecting the billing form in the invoice creation page. If no preference has been set at all, OSCAR will default to displaying the "GP general practice" billing form.

Default Referral Type and Payee

The 'Edit Billing Preferences' link in the preferences menu allows you to select whether you want to select a default referral type for your MSP billing, and a default payee for your private billing.

1. From the schedule page, click on "Preferences" to open the preferences menu.

2. Scroll down to the series of link under the "Update" button. Find the "Edit Billing Preferences" link which is the 5th one from the top, and click on it.

3. The first drop down will allow you to select if your referrals should be identified as 'Refer By', 'Refer To', or neither. This will set a default to your invoice creation page.

4. Select the name of the doctor you would like to display as the person the payments should be made to on your private invoices.

5. When done, click the "Save" button.