We know how important saving time is to our users, and how time consuming writing prescriptions for patients can be. This guide contains useful tools that can help save some time when writing scripts.

Filling out Prescription Instructions

It is recommended to use the "Instructions Field Reference" suggested keywords when writing your prescriptions, as this will allow Juno EMR to read your instructions and automatically calculate the quantity and duration for your prescriptions. 

These “References” can be accessed by clicking on the yellow 'comic' bubble (see image below) on the right of the instruction field. Entering your prescription as "Take 1 3x day for 10 days", for example, will allow Juno EMR to know that the prescription is for 10 days, and that the required quantity is 30.

prescribing tools save time when writing your prescriptions

Adding a commonly prescribed drug to your list of Favorites

Commonly prescribed drugs can be added to a Favorites list that is visible to a user from any patient chart in Juno EMR.

To add a medication to the Favorites list, open the prescription module, then click on the "Medication name" listed on the prescription table. On the ‘View Medication’ page, click on the "Add to Favorites'' button in the last column on the right of the page.

In the confirmation pop-up, you can rename or nickname the medication (optional), then click "OK" to add the drug to Favorites. The list of ‘Favorites’ can be found on the left of the prescription page with the medications listed in alphabetical order.

The ‘Favorites’ list will be visible to you from any patient's chart in the EMR. Click on a "Medication name" in the Favorites list to prescribe it, the prescription instructions are populated automatically, you can edit the instructions as required.

Note that the Favorites list is user specific, but prescriptions written by other users can be added to your favorites list.

prescribing tools save time when writing your prescriptions - img1

Reusing Previously written instructions (Instruction Examples) for a Medication

You can reuse Instruction Examples for a medication by first searching for the medication, then clicking on the "*" (asterisk) icon to the right of the instruction field.

This gives you a list of all the instructions previously written for that medication. Clicking on an "instruction" from the list automatically populates the instructions and other fields based on the instructions.

prescribing tools save time when writing your prescriptions - img2

Re-prescribe medication using the ReRx link

You can re-prescribe a medication by clicking the "ReRx" link (see image below) in the "Represcribe" column on the prescription table. You can make modifications to the prescription instructions as needed.

prescribing tools save time when writing your prescriptions - img3

This quick video tutorial  Writing Prescriptions in the Oscar EMR gives a detailed overview of the prescription module and all its functionalities.