How to Unassign/Remove a document from a patient's chart: 

Occasionally documents may be assigned to a patient's chart accidentally. Juno EMR has the ability to remove documents from a patient’s chart, to ensure that providers have the appropriate documents associated with the right patient.

In order to Unassign/Remove a document from a patient’s chart, please perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the patient’s eChart (classic), or the “Documents” section from the patient “Details” (Juno UI).

  2. Click on the “Documents.”

  3. Click on the “Delete” icon (trash can) in line with the document you wish to unassign/remove.

  4. When prompted with the “Are you sure you want to delete?” dialogue, click on “Ok.”

Please note that if you would like to re-assign the document to a different chart at a later date, you will need to backup (download/save) the document to your local machine before unassigning/deleting from the patient's chart. Also, only providers with the correct permissions can delete documents (the admin role).