This guide contains details on how to create patient (demographic) records in the Juno UI.

Accessing the Add Demographic Window

The “Add Demographic” window can be accessed by clicking on the “Add Demographic” button to the right of the search bar and is accessible from any page within the Juno UI.

The page can also be accessed from the Appointment creation window by clicking on the “+” icon to the right of the “Patient” field.

Creating a Demographic Record

There are four required fields on the Add Demographic page (indicated with the red asterisk on the top right of field headers). These fields have to be filled out before you can create a demographic record. 

  • Last Name: Enter the patient’s surname/ family name in this field

  • First Name: Enter the patient’s given names in this field

  • Gender: Select the patient’s sex as listed on their health insurance card(this is important for billing purposes),  from the dropdown

  • Date of Birth: Click on the field to use the calendar/ date picker

Other fields

These are optional fields that do not need to be filled out to create demographic records.

  1. Health Insurance Number: Enter a patient’s PHN/ HIN in this field. If required, enter the version code in the “Ver” field. Adding an invalid HIN will result in an error when attempting to save the demographic record.

  2. HIN Type: Select the health card province from the dropdown

  3. Address, City, Province and Postal Code: Enter the patient's address details here.

  4. Email: Enter the patient’s email address

  5. Phone: Enter the patient’s phone number

After filling out the details, click on the “Add” button at the bottom. Adjustments can be made to any of these fields from the Details page for the demographic record.

The Details Page

After creating the demographic record, clicking on the “Add button” opens the complete “Details” page for the demographic record, where you can add more information. 

This page is divided into six (6) sections;

  1. Demographic: This section is where you fill out details regarding who a patient is- their name, prefered name, date of birth, sex, country of origin, language etc.

  1. Contact Information: This is where you enter a patient’s contact information- their address, phone, and e-mail. The check boxes beside the Phone number fields (Home Phone, Mobile Phone, and Work Phone fields) can be used to set a primary contact number for the patient. Check the box for the contact number that should serve as the patient’s contact number.

  1. Health Insurance: This section is where you enter a patient’s Health insurance information- their Health Insurance Number, Health Card Type, Effective, and Renewal dates.

  1. Care Team: Here, you can enter information regarding providers responsible for the patient’s care.

    • Referral Doctor: To add a referral doctor, start typing the referral doctor’s last name, then select an option from the list that populates below the field.

  1. Rostering/Enrollment (primarily used by clinics in Ontario): This section is where you enter a patient’s family doctor’s information, and set their Roster status.

  1. Additional Information