One of the many uses of your EMR is keeping track of your patient’s demographic information. Knowing who your patient is, how you can contact them, and that patient’s status with your clinic is vital to providing the best possible care. Below, we will discuss how you can update your records in the event that the patient’s information changes using the Details Page (sometimes called their ‘Master Record’). 

The Details Page

To open a patient’s Details page, you can:


  • Search for the patient and open their chart. Opening the chart from Search will open the chart to the Details page. 

  • Click the M link from an appointment scheduled for that patient.

  • If you are already in the patient’s chart, click the Details tab

There are two types of fields that you can use to record patient information in their Master Record: drop-down menus that contain a list of set values that can be selected; or text fields into which you can type information directly. 

When the patient’s details page has loaded, you can click any of the text fields in the sections labeled Demographic, Contact Information, Health Insurance, Care Team, or Additional Information to add or update that information. 

In the case of drop-down menus, you can click the field to open a menu to select a new option. A drop-down menu will have a small, downward-pointing arrow on the right-hand side, so that you can tell them apart from the text fields. Some drop-down menus will have an “Add New” button next to them - clicking that button will allow you to create a new option that will be available in that drop-down menu. 

Once those changes have been made, you can click the Save button at either the top or the bottom of the details page.