If there is a type of encounter note that you are going to write on a regular basis, rather than write out the full text each time, you can expedite that process using an encounter note template. These templates insert pre-written text into your current note. This will help you save time when charting. 

By clicking into the Encounter Note Template search field, and typing the name of the template you would like to include, you can search through similarly-named options. Clicking on the template you would like to include will insert the text of that template into your current encounter note.


A simple example is the “SOAP” note template that is included with every new Juno EMR System. If you type “SOAP” into the Encounter Note Template search field, and click on the template as it appears below, you will see that your open encounter will contain headers for Subject, Object, Assessment, and Plan, as below:

You can then edit the note as normal, adding information to the SOAP headers as needed. If you would like to include another template, you can repeat the process of searching and clicking on the other template(s) that you would like to include. An encounter note can contain any number of encounter note templates. 

Encounter Note Templates do not have to be simple - there are a number of templates already in your Juno EMR system that you can use, and most of these will add a number of important questions related to the template’s name (the Diabetes templates show a number of questions about diabetes, for example), that you can use to guide your encounter with your patients. 

You can also create or edit Encounter Note Templates on your system. To do so: 

  1. Click “Admin”/”Administration”.

  2. From the left-hand menu in the Administration Panel, click “eChart.”

  3. From the menu that appears below, click “Insert a Template.” A new panel will open to the right. 

  4. If you are editing an Encounter Note Template that already exists:

    1. Select that note from the drop-down and click the “Edit” button. The field below will populate with the name and text of that template.

    2. Make any adjustments necessary. 

    3. If you would like this to be a new Encounter Note Template, adjust the template's name to something unique. If, for instance, this is a version of the Diabetes Melitus encounter note template that you have personalized, you can add your initials to the beginning or end of the name to make it distinct. 

    4. If you would like to save over the previous template, do not change the name of the template. 

    5. Click “Save.” 

  5. If you are making a new Encounter Note Template: 

    1. Give your new template a unique name. It cannot be a name that is used by any other Encounter Note Template on your system - if you use the same name as another template, you will overwrite the existing text rather than save the new separately. 

    2. Add the text that you would like to appear in your encounter notes when the template is selected. 

    3. Click “Save.” 

Encounter note templates are available to any provider in your system that can create encounter notes. There is no limit to the number of templates that you can create, though, so if you would like to customize or personalize a template you can do so, provided that each template has a unique name (adding your initials to the beginning or end of a template, for instance, will help you differentiate those you’ve created for your own use).