The Ontario Health Report Manager (HRM) allows participating hospitals and specialists to report directly to a clinic’s EMR. HRM reports will appear in the inbox with the Discipline marked as HRM, and will appear in the left-hand column of the patient’s Summary page in a new section marked “HRM Reports.” 

While HRM reports are similar to lab results in many ways, there are some key differences in presentation and functionality. 

The HRM Reports Section

In the patient’s Summary tab, you will now find a section labeled HRM Reports. Any report that is received through the HRM integration for that patient will appear in this section of the patient’s chart. 

Clicking on the title for any of those reports will open the report for review. Clicking on the date will result in the same. 

HRM Report View

When you open an HRM report, a new window will open that contains the report itself, as well as a new assignment panel, description assignment panel, and a comment panel, as below: 

A - The text of the report will appear here, including the source, the nature of the report, and any additional information that is relevant to that report. 

B - The assignment panel. This is where you will find information about the patient, the assigned physician, and report itself.

C - In this section you can change the report description (the name under which the report will appear in the HRM Reports section and the inbox), and the report category. To change the report’s description, type a new description into the text field provided and click “Save”. 

D - Comments. In this section you can add comments to the report that will be saved along with that report. These comments are kept internally in your EMR and are not reported back to the hospital or specialist from which the report originated.

To Assign an HRM Report to a Provider: 

HRM reports will come directly to the inbox of providers identified by the sending organization on that report. If there are providers in your system that should be notified about that report but were not included by the sending organization, you can assign the document to those providers using the assignment panel (B). To assign an HRM report to a new provider: 

From the HRM Report: 

  1. Click the text field labeled “Search Provider by Name.” Begin typing that provider’s last name. A list will appear below that includes all of the providers who match the search term(s).

  2. Click the name of the provider to whom you would like to assign this report. 

  3. Click the Assign link to the immediate right of the text field.

  4. The report will refresh, and the assigned providers list will now include the name of the provider you have selected. 

  5. If you would like to assign the document to additional providers, repeat steps 2 through 6. 


  1. Click the Unassigned Documents notification (the yellow number beside Inbox) to open the general inbox. 

  2. Click the check-box next to the report you would like to assign to a chosen provider.

  3. Click the Forward button at the top of the inbox. A new window will open.

  4. Search for the name of the provider in the text field along the top of the window.

  5. Click the provider’s name as it appears in the list below. That name will be added to the right-hand “Forward List.” 

  6. Click Submit. 

That report will be removed from the unassigned documents list, and a notification will appear in that provider’s inbox. That provider will also appear in the report under “Assigned” on the right-hand side.

If a provider has been incorrectly assigned to a document, you can remove that assignment by clicking the “Remove” link next to that provider’s name in the right-hand assignment panel. 

To Change an HRM Document’s Description:

Your HRM reports will appear in your inbox and in the HRM Reports section of the patient’s inbox with a description that was included by the sender. Sometimes, those descriptions can be repeated or include extraneous information, which can make sorting through those reports difficult. 

To change the report’s description: 

  1. Open the HRM report you would like to adjust. 

  2. Scroll down to the “Change Report Description” section (C).

  3. Type a new description into the text field provided. 

  4. Click “Save”.

To change a report’s classification

HRM reports can be categorized into any number of classifications for ease of reference and reporting. These classifications can be adjusted or added in the Administration Panel. To adjust the report’s classification: 

  1. Click the Change Report Category text field. A list of options will appear. 

  2. Click the classification type that you would like to assign to this document. 

  3. Click either This Report or Future Reports, as per your preference.

“This Report” will change the classification for the currently selected report only. Clicking Future Reports will automatically assign this classification to reports that appear in the inbox in the future, based on the sorting criteria in this document (the sending facility, the report class, and the report subclass or accompanying subclass).

Adding Comments: 

If you would like to record your thoughts regarding a report, you can do so in the Comments section of the HRM report. 

To add a comment: 

  1. Open the HRM report on which you would like to comment.

  2. Scroll down to the Comment section (D) 

  3. Type a comment into the text field provided.

  4. Click Add Comment. 

Comments are internal and are not sent back to the report’s originating source. Comments will not be included in print-outs of HRM reports.