In your administration panel, there is a new section under the Integration menu called “Health Report Manager, (HRM).” This section will allow you to troubleshoot potential issues, as well as manually download new reports if needed. 

To access this panel: 

  1. Click Admin/Administration.

  2. From the left-hand menu in the Administration panel, click Integration.

  3. From the menu that appears below, click Health Report Manager (HRM). A new panel will open to the right. 

Status and Check For Reports:

In the Health Report Manager (HRM) administration panel, you will find three indications of your connection status with HRM. In the case of a healthy connection, you will find that each of these status indicators are green. Should one or more encounter an error, you will see those turn red, as below. If an error has occurred, you will be prompted to contact Juno EMR Support to troubleshoot that issue. 

Below those status indicators you will find a Check For Reports button. If you are waiting for a report and believe that it should have arrived, you can click this button to manually request all HRM reports that have been assigned to your system. Those HRM reports will appear in your Inbox. 

Connection, Downloading, and Processing

These sections contain information regarding your connection to the HRM system, and can be useful in troubleshooting that connection should an issue arise. 

Report Polling

Polling frequency is set to 60 minutes as default. This means HRM reports will automatically be checked and downloaded once per hour. If needed, this time (in minutes) can be adjusted by the Juno team. 


These are the HRM settings required to securely connect to the HRM system. These settings should not be changed by the EMR user.


HRM reports can be categorized by the clinic for ease of reference and reporting. There are a number of default classifications that you can use for your HRM reports, but these can also be customized to better suit your clinic’s needs. The classification list shows the current categories available on your system, and allows you to add new categories as needed. 

To create a new category:

  1. Click “New Category” button. A new overlay will appear. 

  2. Give your new category a name in the Name field. 

  3. If you already know the classification matching that you will be using, you can add the Facility Number, Report Type and either a Subclass or Accompanying Subclass. (These fields are optional when creating a new category, as they will also be set automatically if/when the Future Reports button is clicked when assigning a classification to an HRM document)

  4. Click Add Category

Your new category will appear in the Change Report Category menu on HRM reports.