A patient called in to let you know they were unable to make their appointment, but would like to reschedule? The doctor is suddenly unavailable and his appointments must be rescheduled with a locum? There are a number of situations that will prompt you to reschedule appointments on a day to day basis. This guide will introduce you to the different options available to you when it comes to rescheduling appointments when using the Juno interface of Juno EMR.

There are three different approaches to consider when the time comes to reschedule an appointment. Which one you choose will depend on the time between the original and the new appointments, and whether or not you would like to keep a record of the original appointment in the patient’s appointment history.

Cancelling and Creating a New Appointment

If the patient has called to cancel at the last minute, you will likely want to keep track of the cancelled appointment in their record. This method is the ideal method in those circumstances where having the original appointment on file is important for your clinic operations.

Start by finding the appointment you want to cancel, and click on the patient’s name to open the ‘Modify Appointment’ overlay. At the top right, click on the status drop down, and select the ‘Cancelled’ option. As needed, add notes or further information in the ‘notes’ and ‘reason’ fields, then click on the ‘Modify’ button at the bottom right. This will mark the original appointment as cancelled: the appointment will remain on your schedule and in the patient record, but will not count towards your daily appointment count.

Once the original appointment is cancelled, create a new appointment for this patient to reschedule the appointment.

The cancelling and creating a new appointment method will work in all circumstances as you are creating a new appointment at the time of rescheduling.

Drag and Dropping Appointments

If keeping track of the original appointment is not necessary, you can easily move the appointment by dragging and dropping it on the new date and time. 

The drag and drop method can be used to move appointments around on any given day, but also to move them from one day of the week to another using the ‘Week’ view, or from one physician to another using a schedule group where multiple physicians are showing side by side.

Editing the Appointment

Drag and dropping appointments will work great for you if you are moving them by a few days, but rescheduling an appointment farther off than one week will not work. If you need to reschedule an appointment farther out with the same physician, you can edit the appointment to update the details.

Start by finding the appointment you want to reschedule, and click on the patient’s name to open the ‘Modify Appointment’ overlay. Update the ‘Date’ and the ‘Time’ as required before clicking on the ‘Modify’ button at the bottom right.

Note: You will not be able to automatically view availability in the schedule when rescheduling appointments this way. You will need to review the availability on the selected date before or after editing the appointment to prevent double booking.

This method only works for appointments being rescheduled with the same physician. Appointments requiring rescheduling with different physicians must use the cancel and create new appointment method if they are rescheduled too far out to use the drag and drop method.