This guide contains details on how and where to find a patient’s demographic number / ID in the Juno UI. 

A demographic number is a unique number/ identifier assigned to every patient added to your EMR. It is the most reliable means of identifying patients in the EMR especially in cases where you do not want to reveal any personal identifying information for patients.

There are two ways to find a patient’s demographic number in the Juno UI; first is on the patient search page, and the other is on the patient’s page.

Patient Search Page

When searching for a patient in the EMR using the patient search page, their demographic number is the number in the ID column(first column) in the search results table.

See details on how to use the Juno UI patient search page here.

While Viewing the Patient’s Page

When viewing a patient’s chart in the Juno UI, the demographic number does not readily stand out. It can however be found in the website address bar at the top of the page. 

The patient’s demographic number is the number that comes immediately after the text /record/ in the address bar. In the example below, the patient’s demographic number is “39”.