This guide contains details on what Alerts and Notes are, and how they can be added in the Juno UI. Notes and Alerts are communication tools that can help your clinic keep track of vital information that does not fit into specific fields in Juno EMR.


Alerts are important information about a patient or a patient’s visits that need to be readily visible to users when booking that patient’s appointments. For example you may want to add an alert to a patient’s details page if: their appointments usually take longer than regular appointments, the patient is consistently late for appointments or a no-show, the patient owes for a private invoice, the patient requires specific mobility accommodations etc. In any of these cases, the information can be entered into the “Alert” field.

Text entered in the Alert field appears in red both on the patient’s Details page and in the ‘Create Appointment’ window when booking an appointment for that patient. 


Information about a patient that isn't directly related to their status or care can be entered into the “Notes” field. They are relevant details you want to keep track of, but are not specific to the patient's experience in the clinic. Miscellaneous information that does not fit into any section on the Details page, like a Canadian Armed Services health number (cannot be entered into the Health Insurance Number field) can be entered here. Notes only appear on the Details page.