This guide contains details on how to print patient labels from patients' charts in the Juno UI.

Patient labels contain information about a patient, and Juno has a number of label types available. Labels can be printed to be attached to lab requisitions, lab specimens or printed on envelopes to be sent to a patient. The details on the label differ depending on the type selected.

Note that labels are formatted to be printed with label printers. You would need to have a label printer set up with your computer to properly print these labels.

Printing a Label

Labels can be printed from a patient’s Details page. To print a label;

  • First, open the patient’s details page by clicking on the “M” from an appointment, or searching for and selecting the patient using the search bar at the top or the search page.

  • On the Details page, click on the “Print” dropdown on the top right of the page (see image)

Select the label you would like to print, then follow the print dialogue to print the label. Note that the print dialogue will differ based on the computer/ printer, and you may need to make adjustments to some printer specific settings in order to get the correct print layout for the label.

Label Types

There are five (5) label types available in Juno.

  • PDF Envelope 

The envelope label contains a patient’s name and address. This label can be used to address an envelope to a patient.

  • PDF Label

The PDF label contains a patient’s name, chart number(if one is assigned), Health Insurance Number, sex, date of birth, address, phone number and the name of their Most Responsible Physician (MRP).

  • PDF Address Label

Similar to the envelope label, the address label also contains the name and address of the patient, but is formatted differently from the envelope label.

  • PDF Chart Label

The chart label contains the same details as the PDF label, but is formatted differently.

  • Client Lab Label

The client la label is usually attached to collected samples. It contains a patient’s name, demographic number, Health Insurance Number, date of birth, sex, age,date of collection and the clinic’s name.