The Patient Record is where all information pertaining to your patient and their health is located. This guide will introduce you to the Patient Record and how to navigate within it.

To help you get started, let’s explore what the record looks like:

You can navigate from one section of the record to another by using the various tabs which are located under the blue bar with the patient’s name. From left to right you have…

  • Details – Demographic information for this patient.
  • Summary – Medical chart summary. This is where you will find the encounter notes among other items.
  • Forms – Requisitions, calculators, sick note and much more!
  • Tickler – By default, active ticklers for this specific patient.
  • Health Tracker – Trackers allowing you to keep track of vitals and other measurements that are relevant to patient care.
  • Patient Education – Access to the IMD platform to access information regarding medical concerns and send it to patients via email.
  • Consultations – Consultation requests sent to specialists for this patient.
  • Rx – Access to the prescription module.
  • Disease Registry – Coded diagnostic codes such as diabetes or ADHD, typically used for chronic conditions.
  • Create Message – Compose a new internal message associated with this patient record.
  • Documents – Quick access to documents and files uploaded to this record.
  • Messenger – Access to both the internal and the patient messengers for messages associated with this specific record.

Do not hesitate to consult our knowledge base to find out more about each section!