The incoming section groups eDelivered reports and documents (faxes, uploaded documents). All reports and documents associated with the patient will be displayed under the ‘Incoming’ section, though only the most recent ones will automatically load on the screen when you arrive. If the patient has several documents, expand the section to see them all.

To filter the incoming entries by type, check the ‘Documents’ or the ‘Reports’ checkboxes located immediately under the ‘Incoming’ header. Checking the box beside ‘Documents’ will display only documents in the list of entries.

Use the ‘Filter by name’ box to type in keywords you would like to filter by. This can be used to find all items with a matching title / label.

Click on the name of any entry to view it.

Note 1: Reports and documents you need to review will be coming into your Inbox (see section on the Inbox). The incoming section is designed to give you easy access to those reports, but you are not expected to navigate to each chart to find new reports.
Note 2: HRM reports will not be in this section. Instead, they will be in an HRM specific section at the bottom left of the Summary page, under the Forms.