The "Account expired" error message appears when a user with an expired login record attempts to log in. It can be easily solved by a user who has admin access to your OSCAR.

1. From the appointment page, click on Admin to open the Admin Page.
2. Click on Search/Edit/Delete Security Records in the Security Section.
3. Search for the login access you need to update. Note that the search options available are user name and provider number. If you do not know the OSCAR provider number or user name of the record you need to update, leaving the field blank will generate a list of all records.
4. Click on the user name to open the security record you want to update.
5. Uncheck the "Expiry Date" option if you wish to completely remove it, or change the date to a new date if you want to update it to a new date.
6. Once the changes are made, click on "Update Record".

Once done, your user should be able to access OSCAR using their own credentials again.