The following guide will allow you to add new users (called providers) to your Juno EMR. All three steps are required to complete a new user's setup, and will be done in the admin panel, which can be accessed by clicking on the Administration link at the top of the page.

1. Create a new provider

a. Under User Management, click on "Add a Provider Record.
b. Click on "Suggest" to find the next available provider number. This number can also be set manually. It serves as an internal identifier for the providers, and is not seen publicly.
c. Enter the user's Last Name and First Name, as well as their type.
d. Select doctor for a healthcare practitioner, and receptionist for admin staff.
e. If creating a profile for a healthcare professional, include their provincial billing number (OHIP, MSP, or Prac-Id) in the "Provincial Billing/MSP #" field. In BC and Ontario, make sure you also include their payee number in the "Billing #" field. Finally, enter their College of Physician and Surgeon number in the "CPSID #" field (this is required on prescriptions).
f. When you are done entering the information, click on "Add Provider Record" at the bottom of the page.

    Note: All the other fields are optional.

2. Create the login record
a. Still under User Management, click on "Add a Login Record".
b. Create a user name on the first line. 

c. Create the password they will use to access the software the first time on the second line, then confirm it on the fourth.

d. Select the provider you just created in step in the Provider No. drop down menu.

e. Choose a PIN, and confirm it. The PIN is the second level passcode used to login.
f. If you want them to have to create their own password when they log in for the first time, select "True" beside "Force Password Reset". If you do not want to force them to reset their password, then select "False".

g. Click on Add Record to create the login record.

    Note: When setting a new password and 2nd level passcode (PIN), the password must be at least 8 characters longer, contain both numbers and letters, and at least 1 upper case and 1 lower case letter. The 2nd level passcode (PIN) must be a 4 digit number. Any user who would like to update their password and second level passcode (PIN) can do so at any time by going to their Preferences, then to "Change Your Password". This is highly recommended for security reasons, specially if you selected False at the Force Password reset.

3. Updating permission level as required
A role in Juno is a set of permissions. It's basically how Juno knows what each use has access to, or is allowed to see within the software. By default, all newly created users will be given the 'doctor' role which is considered the standard role. It gives access to the schedule, patients demographic and medical chart, documents, etc. and is used by most clinics for both doctors and MOAs.

To give full administrative access to a user you will need to combine the 'doctor' and the 'admin' roles. Simply go through the steps below to do so:
a. Under User Management, click on "Assign Role to Provider".
b. Find the provider you wish to add the 'admin' role for. Select 'admin' on the appropriate line, then click the "Add" button on the right.