Do you want to keep track of the pharmacy your patient goes to so you can fax their prescriptions directly? Are you using our outbound faxing integration and would like to be able to fax to the pharmacies straight from the prescription module of Juno EMR? The preferred pharmacy tool in Juno allows you to do just that. The guide below will give you everything you need to be able to add new pharmacies to your pharmacy list, update your existing pharmacies and assign preferred pharmacies to your patients.

Getting to the preferred pharmacy section

The preferred pharmacy section is accessible through any patient's prescription section. Simply open the prescription module by clicking on any of the "Rx" links or on the "Medication" header in the patient's eChart. Once there, click on the "Preferred Pharmacy" link located at the top of the page.

1. Preferred pharmacy link.

Note that assigning a preferred pharmacy to a specific patient requires you to access the preferred pharmacy section for that patient's medication module.

To search for existing pharmacies 

Start typing the name of the pharmacy you are looking for in the "Search Pharmacy" box. A list of matching pharmacies will appear in a green reactangle under the box as soon as you type in a few characters. Click on the name of the pharmacy you are looking for to have the details displayed in the various boxes below the search section. (Picture 2)

Search can be also be narrowed down by city. Enter the first few letters of a city name in the "Narrow Search By City" field, and select the name of the city you wish to narrow your search to. (Picture 3) Once the city is selected from the matching options, enter the name of a pharmacy in the "Search Pharmacy" field. Juno will now only give you results for pharmacies located in the city you selected.

2. Existing Pharmacy Search
3. Narrow Search By City

To add a new pharmacy

1. Start by doing a quick search to confirm that this pharmacy does not exist in your system. This will avoid creating duplicates in your system.
2. If the pharmacy doesn't exist, fill in the pharmacy's contact information in the various fields under the Search section, as shown in the screenshot below (Picture 4).
3. When done, click on the "Save" button (red, in Picture 4). A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click on "OK" to confirm you want to save this pharmacy to your OSCAR database (Picture 5).

4. Adding, editing and assigning preferred pharmacies

5. Confirmation pop-up when adding a new pharmacy.

To edit an existing pharmacy

1. Search for the pharmacy you wish to edit. Once you select it from the matching option, its contact information will be displayed in the fields under the search section.

2. Update the information as required.
3. When done, click on the "Save" button (red in Picture 4). A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click on "OK" to confirm you want to save this pharmacy to your Juno EMR database (Picture 5).

To assign a preferred pharmacy to a patient

1. Open the preferred pharmacy section directly from the patient's medication section.

2. Search for the pharmacy you want to assign for this patient.

3. Once the pharmacy is selected, you can use the drop down menu beside the "Set Preferred Pharmacy" button to select where this pharmacy should be added in the list. This will set the order for the "preferred pharmacy" drop down in the medication section. By default, all new entries will be set to display at the top of the list.
4. Click the "Set Preferred Pharmacy" button (green in Picture 4) to assign the pharmacy to the preferred list for this patient. You will get a pop-up confirming the action has been completed. Simply click on "OK" to go back to the preferred pharmacy window, or close the window if you are done.