Although ticklers can only be assigned to one EMR user at a time, they can be viewed by other EMR users. To access ticklers, from the schedule page click on the "Tickler" link at the top, the "Tickler" link will be in red if there are any due or overdue tasks assigned to you i.e. the current user (see image below). 

The Tickler link will remain red, with the number of due and overdue tasks as a superscript until the ticklers are marked as completed.

viewing and updating ticklers in the classic ui



Viewing and Filtering Ticklers

By default, the Tickler page shows all active ticklers assigned to all users in the EMR. The ticklers can however be filtered based on selected criteria (listed below).

viewing and updating ticklers in the classic ui - img1

  1. Filter by Service Date range: To see ticklers for a specific time range, use the "Begin" and "End" fields in the "Service Date Range" (clicking on the “Begin” and “End” links opens up the calendar) to modify the dates.

  1. Filter by specific Patient: To view ticklers assigned to a specific patient, enter the patient’s last name in the “Patient” field, then select an option from the populated list below the field.

  1. Filter by Status (Move To): To view either "Completed" or "Deleted" ticklers, select an option from the "Move To" dropdown.

  1. Filter by MRP: To view ticklers created for patients assigned to a specific provider, select the provider from the ”MRP” dropdown.

  1. Filter by Tickler Creator: To view ticklers created by a specific user, select the user form the “Creator” dropdown

  1. Filter by User Ticklers are Assigned to: Select a user from the "Assigned To" dropdown.

After selecting your desired filters, click on the “Create Report” button to generate a list of ticklers matching your criteria.

Editing Ticklers

To leave an update on or make changes to a Tickler, click on the "Edit" link on the left of a “Demographic Name“(click on the "Patient’s Name" to access the patient's Master Record).

On the edit tickler page, updates can be provided in the "Message Text" field, by either typing a text or using the "Suggested Text" dropdown which contains shortcuts to text templates. Select a template from the dropdown, then click "Paste Message" below to populate the message in the "Message Text" field (see image below). 

viewing and updating ticklers in the classic ui - img2

To the right of the "New Message" section(see image above), 

  1. The status of the task can be updated in the "Status" field. Leave the status as “Active” if the task is yet to be completed, set status to “Complete” if the task is done or set to “Deleted” to delete the tickler.

  2. The tickler’s priority can be changed by selecting an option from the “Priority” dropdown.

  3. The "Assigned To" field may be used to change the user the Tickler is assigned to (e.g. the tickler can be reassigned to the original creator, as a means of providing them with an update). 

  4. The "Service Date" field can be used to set the date the assignee gets reminded of the task (can be typed in, selected using the "calendar lookup" link or click on the time period shortcuts to fill out the field).

Click on the "Update" button to save changes or the "Update & Write to Encounter" button to save changes and add a note to the encounter section of the patient's eChart.

Completing a Tickler

Asides marking a tickler as complete in the edit tickler page, ticklers can also be marked as complete on the tickler table. To mark a tickler as completed without making any changes, click on the checkbox to the left of the tickler, then click on the "Complete" button at the bottom to mark the task as completed(see image below).

viewing and updating ticklers in the classic ui - img3

Leaving Notes on Ticklers

Asides leaving comments on ticklers, you can also leave “Notes”. Notes are typically used to leave comments about updates made to ticklers. An example would be leaving a note indicating that a tickler has been reassigned to a different user. Notes left on ticklers cannot be saved as encounter notes.

To leave a Note on a tickler, click on the “Notes” icon in the last column(see image). 

viewing and updating ticklers in the classic ui - img4

Enter the note in the text area, then click on the “Save” button at the bottom left of the text area. The note can be updated as many times as needed(all changes made to the note are saved).

To see all the notes left on a tickler, click on the “Notes” icon, then click on the number of note revisions on the bottom right of the textarea.

viewing and updating ticklers in the classic ui - img5

This will populate the ‘Note Revision History’ for the tickler.

See this guide Creating ticklers in the Classic UI for details on how to create Ticklers in the Classic UI.