This guide contains detailed steps on how to use Ticklers in the Juno UI. 


Ticklers serve as Reminders in Juno EMR. They can be used to create reminders for tasks to be carried out by either yourself or other EMR users for patients. For this reason, Ticklers have to be assigned to a patient’s eChart.



Creating Ticklers

  1. To create a Tickler, open the tickler report page. There are two different tickler report pages that can be accessed; 

    1. the system wide tickler report page which can be accessed by clicking on the “Tickler” tab in the main menu at the top of the screen(see in red below) or,

    2. the patient specific tickler report page which can be accessed by clicking on the “Tickler” tab within a patient’s chart(see in yellow below).

ticklers juno ui

  1. Click on the “Add Tickler” button located at the bottom of the page.

  1. Fill in the new ticklers details:

ticklers juno ui - img1

  1. Patient: If you are creating the tickler from a patient’s page, the “Patient” field will be auto-filled with the patient’s name.

If you are creating a tickler from the system wide tickler report page you would need to enter a patient’s name in the “Patient” field. To do this, start typing in the patient’s last name into the field, then select the patient’s name from the populated list below.

  1. In the " Assign to" field start typing in the first or last name of the user you would like to assign the tickler to, then select a name from the populated list. If you would like to assign the tickler to yourself, you can enter your name, then select it from the populated list.

  2. The priority can be changed as needed. The dropdown menu gives you a choice between; Low, Medium or High.

  3. The "Service Date" field is the date you or the user you are assigning the tickler to want to be reminded to carry out the task. You can click on the field or the calendar icon on the right of the field, to select a date from the calendar, or use the “6-months” or “1-year” shortcuts to the right of the field to automatically fill out the field.

  4. Juno has a number of prewritten tickler/ task templates available. You can select a template from the “Templates” dropdown to automatically populate the text in the text area below the template dropdown. The text area should be used to enter the task details. When using a Template, you can add extra notes to the populated text in the text area.

  1. After filling out all the details, you can click on the "Save" button to only create the tickler or the "Save & Write Encounter" button to create the tickler and add a note to the patient's eChart. 


Ticklers saved as encounter notes will also appear in the “Notes” section of the patient’s Summary page with a light orange ribbon on the left(see image below).

ticklers juno ui - img2

Creating Ticklers from Labs or Documents


Ticklers can also be created from lab results, documents received by fax or documents uploaded into the EMR. 


To create a tickler from a lab result or document, open the document or lab result, then click on the “Tickler” button at the top of the document or lab result then fill out the tickler details. See this guide Ticklers- Classic UI for details on how to fill out the tickler details. 



ticklers juno ui - img3



Note that before a tickler can be created from a lab result or document, the lab result or document has to be assigned to a demographic.

See this guide Viewing and Updating Ticklers in the Juno UI for details on how to view and update Ticklers in the Juno UI.