Ticklers Vs Messages

Ticklers and Messages are both communication tools in the Juno EMR, and while there is some crossover, their uses are quite different.


Ticklers are an internal reminder system that are generally used for patient-specific tasks. They are used for assigning tasks to a specific provider, and will become active when the assigned time and date for that task are passed. For instance, you could set up a task for an MOA requesting they call a patient for an appointment in six months. Ticklers are not private, and can be seen by anyone with the correct privileges. This can be useful in a case where the assigned provider is unable to complete the task, another provider would be able to act on it.


The messenger feature is an internal communication platform that allows you to quickly send important information to other providers in your system. These can be directly related to a patient (in which case the message appears on the patient's eChart) or they can be sent directly to a provider without a patient connection. Messages that are not assigned to a demographic can only be viewed in the messenger inbox for the receiving providers, allowing you to directly communicate with a specific provider or providers if needed. These are typically used for more urgent requests.