The sidebar in Juno EMR allows physicians to easily navigate to the charts of patients booked in their schedule. All users can also benefit from the recently accessed ‘patients’ tab.

Accessing the Sidebar

The sidebar can be opened from any section of your Juno EMR by simply clicking on the sidebar icon:

Clicking on the sidebar icon while the sidebar is open will minimize the sidebar.

Navigating the Sidebar

The screenshots below will help you get familiar with navigating in the Juno sidebar.

  1. Use the ‘Filter Patients’ to quickly filter out all non-matching results from your sidebar entries. In the example above, if I type in ‘Sams’, all patients but ‘Sams, Anthony’ will be removed from view.

  2. You will find three different tabs in your Juno sidebar:

    • Appointments: See appointments booked into your personal schedule for the selected date (b).

    • Patients: See a list of the most recent patient charts you viewed, for quick re-access.

    • Queue: List of patients currently in the queue, for clinics using the queue system.

The screenshot on the left shows you what the ‘Appointments’ tab looks like. When viewing the appointment tab, you can

  1. Change the date you are looking at by using the arrow buttons.

  2. View the date you are looking at, and open a calendar picker which will allow you to select any date.

  3. Refresh button: To update the appointment lists.

  4. Appointments: On the left, you will find the name of the patients booked, the time of their appointment, and their appointment ready. Click on any line to open that patient’s chart.

  5. On the right, you will find the status of the appointment. It can easily be updated by opening the drop down menu and selecting a new status.

On the right, you can see a preview of what the ‘Patients’ tab will look like. Click on the name of a patient (f) to open the patient’s chart.