First things first: Welcome to Juno EMR!

Before you start seeing patients, let’s explore the main aspects of the EMR you will need to be familiar with! Each time you login, you will come to your user dashboard. It will look like this:

The top bar, in black, is your Juno EMR navigation bar. This is how you can access all the main tools in your EMR! From left to right, you have…

  • Juno EMR Logo – The Juno EMR logo allows you to toggle between the Juno interface and the Classic interface.
  • Search Tool – The Search Tool will allow you to search for patients and access records.
  • New Patient – The New Patient button allows you to manually add patients in the EMR.

The navigation tabs…

  • Dashboard – Default page upon login. Provides an overview of reports, internal messages and ticklers requiring your attention.
  • Schedule – Full schedule.
  • Inbox – Reports requiring your attention will be routed to the Inbox.
  • Consultations – Consultations requests to specialists
  • Ticklers – Reminders for tasks to be performed.
  • Billing – Direct access to ClinicAid, your billing platform.
  • Admin – System administrators will use the administration panel to manage users and configure the EMR to the clinic’s needs.
  • Reports – Pre-built reports that can be run by staff and health care practitioners.
  • eDocs – Store documents you want to be able to access quickly from any location. Documents can be private or public, which means they can be accessed by all EMR users.
  • MyHealthAccess – Administration panel to MyHealthAccess.


Note: Depending on your screen resolution, several tabs may be grouped under a ‘More’ menu as shown on the screenshot above. Click on ‘More’, then click on the desired option to navigate to it.

The icons on the right…

  • Scratchpad – Notepad where you can save personal notes that can be accessed easily within the EMR.
  • Messenger – Access to both the internal and the patient messenger.
  • User Menu – Access your User Settings (preferences) and our Help portal. This is also where you would go to log out of the EMR.