Virtual appointments are appointments that will be conducted via telehealth using the MyHealthAccess platform. This introduction guide will provide you with general information on using launching a virtual appointment from your schedule and finding your way around the virtual appointment window.

To launch of virtual appointment, click on the camera icon on the left of the appointment. This will open a new window with the virtual appointment details. From here, you will be prompted to call the patient. If they are in the waiting room already calling the patient will allow you to connect with them. If they are not in the waiting room, clicking on the 'Call Patient' will prompt them to join the call. If they have the application on their mobile device, it will ring their device.

Once you successfully connect, the right side of the window will change to display the video as shown in this screenshot:


  1. EMR Links – Use the various EMR links button to navigate to portions of the patient record:
    • E – Opens the Summary tab of the record in a different tab.
    • B – Bring you to bill for the appointment.
    • M – Opens the Details tab of the record in a different tab.
    • Rx – Opens the prescription module in a different tab.

  2. Patient Status – Has the patient been verified or not? (See this article for more information on this.)
  3. Audio and Video Status – Both icons must be green identifying that you have a webcam and a microphone connected to your computer and both have been authorized to connect. If an icon is red, then you may be running into permission issues where MyHealthAccess is not authorized to use your devices in your browser settings or MyHealthAccess is unable to detect the matching device.
  4. Patient Information – You can find some pieces of demographic information regarding this patient without needing to navigate to the Details page in the section identified as d on the screenshot above.
  5. Web Chat – The web chat will be displayed on the right. Your messages are showing on the right-hand side of the chat window while the patient’s replies will be on the left. Use the text field at the bottom of the window to type in your messages, then either hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard or click on the ‘Send’ icon (the paper plane) to send the message.
  6. Attachments – Use the attachment icon (the paper clip) to attach files to the chat for the patient to review.

  7. Patient Video – You will see the patient on the right hand-side of your screen.
  8. Your Video – You will see a preview of your video towards the bottom left of the video area.
  9. Switch between fit and fill video mode.
  10. Switch camera – On a device with a front and back camera such as a tablet, allows you to switch which camera the video feed is using. This is mostly for patients to use, as it is recommended for health care providers to use a computer for telehealth calls.

  11. End Call – Click on this button to end the call.
  12. Mute/Unmute – Click on this button to mute / unmute your microphone.

  13. Video On/Off – Turns video on / off.

To view both the eChart and the virtual appointment windows at the same time, consider having each window take half of your monitor or, if you have multiple monitors, put one window on each monitor.