ClinicalConnect is a regional viewer for South-West Ontario. It provides clinicians with access to patients’ EHR records from hospitals, Community Care Access Centres (CCACS), Oncology Centres and select provincial data repositories.

To access ClinicalConnect, your clinic must be registered with OntarioMD and have configured their EMR EHR details.


Accessing ClinicalConnect

ClinicalConnect is launched in context from the patient’s chart in the Juno interface. This means you must first navigate to the patient chart before you launch the platform.

Once in the chart, locate and click on the ‘EHR’ button located towards the top right of the chart to launch ClinicalConnect.

An overlay will appear with a few options. Ensure ‘ClinicalConnect Viewer’ is selected. Select the appropriate authority using the ‘Accessing on behalf of’ drop down towards the bottom if applicable (see note). When ready, click on the ‘Connect to EHR’ button to move on to the next step.

Note: Most clinics will have a single authority. The ‘Accessing on behalf of’ drop down will not appear if there is only one configured authority on your EMR. If you have registered relationships with multiple authorities at this specific clinic with Juno EMR, you will be able to select the appropriate authority using the drop down.

Upon clicking on the ‘Connect to EHR’ button, a new window will open. The ONE ID login page will appear on the screen. Enter your login ONE ID login identifier and password, then click on the ‘Login’ button to continue.

Connecting to ONE ID requires two-factor authentication. Proceed with the full authentication process to access the patient ClinicalConnect record. Once logged in, you will have access to the chart which will look like this:


If you are accessing the EHR record of a patient for whom you are not the MRP, you will receive the following warning message:

Select the override reason, then click on the ‘Perform Override’ button to access the chart.

When you are done viewing a chart, simply close the tab and return to Juno. You will remain logged in to EHR even after you close the tab and will be able to navigate to another ClinicalConnect chart by going to the Juno chart and clicking on the ‘EHR’ button as described above.

You will be automatically logged out of EHR when you log out of Juno EMR, and your ClinicalConnect viewer tab will close automatically then.

If you want to log out of HER, but keep your Juno EMR session active, navigate to a patient chart, then click on the ‘EHR’ button. Click on the ‘Disconnect’ link which is now visible under the ‘Connect to EHR’ button. The ‘Disconnect’ link is only visible when you are logged in to the platform.